Serving Up the Unexpected Connections Between All Those Williams Sisters on Television

By Lynette Rice
Updated January 24, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

In case you haven’t noticed, there are a whole lotta Williams sisters on TV right now — sitcom actresses Ashley (NBC’s Good Morning, Miami) and Kimberly (ABC’s According to Jim), and tennis champions Venus and Serena (currently playing in the Australian Open, airing on ESPN). As it turns out, these four women have a lot more in common than just their surnames. EW uncovered the startling similarities. — Lynette Rice

VENUS AND SERENA Got their start playing tennis together while growing up in Compton, Calif.

ASHLEY AND KIMBERLY Got their start by staging plays together while growing up in Rye, N.Y.

[VENUS AND SERENA]Venus’ favorite player is Pete Sampras.

[ASHLEY AND KIMBERLY]Kimberly once dated Pete Sampras.

[VENUS AND SERENA]The press has criticized the sisters for their behavior, often writing it off as arrogant.

[ASHLEY AND KIMBERLY]The press has criticized the sisters’ sitcoms, often writing them off as execrable.

[VENUS AND SERENA]Serena beat her older sis Venus on the court four times last year.

[ASHLEY AND KIMBERLY]Ashley beats her older sis Kimberly in the ratings almost every week.

[VENUS AND SERENA]Fans who attended the U.S. Open last year were shocked to see Serena in a revealing cat suit.

[ASHLEY AND KIMBERLY]Some moviegoers who saw Indian Summer in ’93 stayed awake long enough to see Kimberly go topless.

[VENUS AND SERENA]Serena is ranked No. 1 in the world.

[ASHLEY AND KIMBERLY]Ashley appeared on As the World Turns.

[VENUS AND SERENA]Their 2002 Wimbledon final was a real showstopper.

[ASHLEY AND KIMBERLY]Really, stop their shows. Now.