Jackie Chan admits to using stunt doubles. The aging action star, who has long boasted of doing all his own stuntwork, used as many as seven stand-ins on ''The Tuxedo''

By Gary Susman
Updated January 22, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

Jackie Chan is famous for boasting that he does all his own stunts, even making a point of showing the evidence in outtakes at the end of his movies. Alas, the 48-year-old action-comedy star is finally giving in to the ravages of time and multiple on-set injuries. Chan, whose ”Shanghai Knights” hits theaters next month, tells the Associated Press that he’s started to use stand-ins for some stunts. ”I will use stunt doubles if you ask me to ride an F-16 jet fighter, or to jump over a series of hurdles with a crazy horse, or to perform two 720-degree somersaults,” he tells AP. ”But one somersault, I’ll do it. I will do what I could do and I won’t do anything that is out of my capability.”

The Hong Kong-born actor’s comments came in response to a recent story in the South China Morning Post that claimed Chan used as many as seven stunt doubles on last year’s DreamWorks release ”The Tuxedo.” The paper quoted Chan as saying it was not his decision to use the stand-ins, and that studio executives ”call the shots.” However, Chan has also acknowledged in the past that his battered body wouldn’t be able to handle action work forever, and that he’d like to move into straight drama.