We rate ''Kill Bill,'' ''T3,'' and other trailers. See what EW thinks of the first on-screen glimpses of Uma, Ah-nuld, and more

By Brian M. Raftery
Updated January 17, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST
Uma Thurman, Kill Bill -- Vol. 1

We rate ”Kill Bill,” ”T3,” and other trailers

Sure, you could hold out until summer to check out some of 2003’s biggest blockbusters-to-be. But why wait, when the trailers are already out? Here’s an early scouting report.

KILL BILL The clip for this fall flick opens, appropriately enough, with Quentin Tarantino yelling, ”Action!” Indeed, the famously verbose director’s first film in six years seems to focus more on swordplay than wordplay. With a vengeful Uma Thurman showing off her long-”Hidden Dragon” — she spins and spars like a martial-arts master, even when dodging an ax — ”Bill” looks totally killer. A-

TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES The ”T3” tease is as sleek and violent as the killer cyborgs themselves, with an emphasis on newcomer Kristanna Loken as curvy killer T-X. When Ah-nuld does appear, we’re subjected to only a few snippets of his patented patter; hopefully, most of that robotic dialogue won’t be back. B-

BAD BOYS II The legions of ”Bad Boys” fans who have been clamoring for a sequel to the eight-year-old action-comedy (hello? anyone?) are in luck. There’s enough gregarious gun-toting here to keep Michael Moore busy for months, not to mention plenty of wisecracks from stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. But it all feels SO 1995. C

BRUCE ALMIGHTY The premise — Jim Carrey is blessed with God-like powers — is divine, and it’s hard to deny the hilarity of his suddenly toilet-trained dog. But couldn’t the producers have been inspired by less repetitive background music? We haven’t heard Snap!’s ”The Power” this much since Hypercolor shirts were in style. B-

Bad Boys II

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