By Marc Bernardin
Updated January 17, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

The world, for David Karasik, is splintered. It arrives to his autistic brain in a thousand different pieces, and it takes all of David’s faculties to put it in an order that makes sense to him. The thing is, that order doesn’t make sense to anyone else. The Ride Together details the way that those in David’s life — especially coauthors and siblings Paul and Judy — wrap and warp themselves around him. Judy delivers her chapters in somewhat deliberate text, while Paul, who studied with Maus memoirist Art Spiegelman, renders his as a tender graphic novel. One wishes the book were more intimate (some of Judy’s chapters feel as though they could’ve been written by a journalist with great access), but it does paint a vivid picture of an ailment so many of us know only from the movies.