By EW Staff
Updated January 17, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST


THE KING OF COMEDY Robert De Niro (Fox, PG, DVD) A vintage Scorsese parody, also starring Jerry Lewis, about the highs and lows of celebrity. A

THE GOOD GIRL Jennifer Aniston (Fox, R) Miguel Arteta’s deadpan comedy portraying life in a small Texas town stars an impressive Aniston. B+

THE SHIELD: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON Michael Chiklis (Fox, unrated, DVD) Catch up on FX’s talk-of-the-town law-enforcement series. A


THE BOURNE IDENTITY (Universal, PG-13) Matt Damon is Bourne, Jason Bourne, a lethal agent on the run from bosses who take firing to a whole ‘nother level.

SIMONE (New Line, PG-13) HAL has nothing on the digital diva in Andrew Niccol’s comedy about a washed-up film director (Al Pacino) programming a comeback.

SERVING SARA (Paramount, PG-13) Process servers get their cinematic due in the guise of Matthew Perry, who delivers divorce papers to Elizabeth Hurley.

TADPOLE (Miramax, PG-13) In a twisted love triangle, a young man lusts for his stepmom (Sigourney Weaver), while her best friend (Bebe Neuwirth) wants him.

WORLD TRAVELER (Columbia TriStar, R) Billy Crudup breaks hearts as a roadtripper who meets his match in a flame-haired beauty (Julianne Moore).