By Brian M. Raftery
Updated January 17, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

Grammy voters spread the wealth this year, with eight artists — from Nelly to Sheryl Crow — drawing five nominations each for the Feb. 23 ceremony. Here’s the early line on the nods. — Brian M. Raftery

WINNER Teen pop. Thanks to Avril Lavigne’s five nominations — including Song of the Year and Best New Artist — and nods for Michelle Branch and Pink, this year’s contenders are more TRL-friendly than ever.

LOSER Teen pop’s credibility. At the Jan. 7 announcement, Lavigne pronounced nominee David Bowie’s name as if it rhymed with Howie. Is it really that complicated?

WINNER Bruce Springsteen and Norah Jones. His post-9/11 disc, The Rising, nabbed five noms, as did her debut, Come Away With Me. Both should take trophies.

LOSER Wilco, whose Yankee Hotel Foxtrot was completely snubbed, despite landing on numerous critics’ best-of lists.

WINNER Bowling for Soup, a semi-obscure Texas pop-punk group with just one minor hit, ”Girl All the Bad Guys Want.” They’re competing for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group.

LOSER Moby. Shut out for a dance award, his ”18” is up for a pop instrumental honor along with Dave Koz and Pat Metheny. Hardly a category made of stars.