Pam says she and Tommy have settled custody fight. Her lawyer says she'll get the kids and can take them to Michigan to live with Kid Rock

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee have settled their long and messy custody battle, her lawyer tells the Associated Press. Suzanne Harris told AP on Tuesday that both parties had submitted a signed agreement to California Superior Court Judge Lee Smalley Edmon, who was expected to sign it. The deal marks a victory for the former ”Baywatch” actress, who filed for custody of sons Brandon and Dylan (now 6 and 4) in 2001.

After Anderson and Lee’s bitter divorce in 1998, the Motley Crue drummer and his ex-wife agreed to share custody. But after Lee filed for sole custody three years ago, both sides traded accusations that the other was an unfit parent. With the settlement now in place, Harris says that the filing ”contains everything you could possibly think of about how to raise the children and where they will live.” Harris says the agreement even allows Anderson to take the kids and move to Detroit to live with her fiancé, Kid Rock, if she chooses. Lee’s lawyer has not commented on the arrangement.