Stars tell which biopics they'd love to headline. With a slew of true-life stories making it to theaters (''Antwone Fisher,'' ''Cath Me if You Can''), we asked celebs whose tales they'd most like to tell

By EW Staff
Updated January 10, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST
Credit: Avrill Lavigne: Lester Cohen/

SYLVESTER STALLONE ”Julius Caesar, who helped create democracy and then got killed by his friends.”

LEELEE SOBIESKI (”Max”) ”I would love to play Napoleon. I’m a bit too tall.”

DAVID HYDE PIERCE (”Frasier”) ”With [porn star] John Holmes already taken [by Val Kilmer], I can’t think of any.”

LARA FLYNN BOYLE ”Eleanor Roosevelt fascinates me.”

MARTIN SHORT ”Linda Hunt.”

CEDRIC THE ENTERTAINER ”Suge Knight, so I could scare the s— out of everybody.”

FREDDY RODRIGUEZ (”Six Feet Under”) ”Prince. We’ll see how I look in purple.”

FRAN DRESCHER ”Clara Bow, because she became a really famous actress in silent films, but when talkies came her New York accent didn’t fly. I thought, Oh, I can do that.”

ROD STEWART ”If I was the right color, I’d love to play Sam Cooke. Maybe I can do an Al Jolson and they can black me up.”

RHEA PERLMAN ”Danny DeVito.”

BILL PAXTON ”Evel Knievel… I torched a couple of motorcycles when I was a kid.”

AVRIL LAVIGNE ”Kurt Cobain.”

DAVID SPADE (”Just Shoot Me”) ”Kurt Cobain. Nirvana was on ‘SNL’ twice when I was there, and he was really cool.”

DENNIS QUAID ”Spade Cooley. He was the king of Western swing.”