Halle Berry will star in ''Gothika'' with Cruz. The busy ''Die Another Day'' star will make this psychological thriller her next movie

By Gary Susman
January 10, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST
Halle Berry: Shark Pictures/ZUMA Press/Newscom

As if Halle Berry weren’t busy enough, with about eight projects on her plate, she’s recently added another. This one, a supernatural/psychological thriller called ”Gothika,” has leapt to the top of the list, according to the Hollywood Reporter, which says filming will begin as soon as March.

The Oscar winner will play a psychologist who wakes up one day to find herself a patient in her own institution, accused of murder. As she tries to regain her memory, she learns she is being manipulated by a revenge-minded ghost. Penélope Cruz has the Angelina Jolie role of an alluring but unhinged mental patient.

It’s not clear what ”Gothika” means for the status of Berry’s many other projects, including a planned remake of ”Foxy Brown” and a spinoff of ”Die Another Day” that would center on her Bond babe Jinx. Meanwhile, Berry fans will next see her this May in ”X-Men 2.”