Meet the seven onetime stars who live together for 10 days on the WB's new reality TV show ''The Surreal Life'' (debuts Jan. 9)

Vince Neil, The Surreal Life
Credit: Vince Neil: Bruce Malone; inset: Steve Double/Retna

Image credit: Corey Feldman: Bruce Malone; inset: Ralph Dominguez/Globe Photos

Corey Feldman

THEN One half of the powerhouse Corey duo of the ’80s, responsible for such big-screen hits as ”Lost Boys,” ”License to Drive,” and ”Dream a Little Dream”

NOW Guest-starring on ”The Guardian” (Jan. 7) and working on his next album

WHY HE’S IN THE HOUSE Feldman claims he and Scott Baio had an idea for their own live-in reality show a year before ”The Osbournes.” ”I was a bit ahead of the game on that. Obviously it was on my mind at the time, and it all came to a culmination with a show like this.”

Image credit: Gabrielle Carteris: Bruce Malone

Gabrielle Carteris

THEN Played nerdy Andrea Zuckerman on ”Beverly Hills 90210” and hosted a self-titled talk show in 1995-6

NOW Appearing in made-for-TV films directed by a Monkee, which is to say ”Malpractice,” helmed by Micky Dolenz

WHY SHE’S IN THE HOUSE Her husband, Charlie, told her to do it, so she agreed, on one condition: ”They said there would be no cameras in the bathroom.”

Image credit: Emmanuel Lewis: Bruce Malone; inset: Everett Collection

Emmanuel Lewis

THEN Starred in ”Webster”; hung out with Bubbles the chimp

NOW Claims he turned down an opportunity to slug it out on ”Celebrity Boxing.” Will be appearing later this year (along with Feldman) in the David Spade flick ”Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star.”

WHY HE’S IN THE HOUSE ”I like projects in which I can really act and not be me all the time.” Wait, does he even know what this show is about?

Image credit: Brande Roderick: Bruce Malone

Brande Roderick

THEN Made the always difficult transition from ”Playboy” Playmate to ”Baywatch Hawaii” star

NOW Still getting naked

WHY SHE’S IN THE HOUSE ”I got really excited because everybody in the house is someone I grew up with, either watching them on TV or listening to their music. So for me to come into the house and hang out with them, I thought, How fun!”

Image credit: MC Hammer: Bruce Malone; inset: Sam Jones/AP/ Wide World

M.C. Hammer

THEN Made millions rapping about the Addams Family and being untouchable. Then declared bankruptcy.

NOW Ironically, shills as mini-Hammer for a company that secures financing for clients with bad credit

WHY HE’S IN THE HOUSE ”Because it doesn’t take me away from my family for half a year to do. It’s basically a full season [actually, just eight episodes], but we’ll be done in a short period of time.”

Image credit: Jerri Manthey: Bruce Malone; inset: Monty Brinton/CBS Archive

Jerri Manthey

THEN Incited a beef-jerky coup on ”Survivor: The Australian Outback”

NOW When not posing nude for ”Playboy,” works the dating- and game-show circuits with appearances on ”Blind Date” and ”Russian Roulette”

WHY SHE’S IN THE HOUSE ”I laughed for two days straight trying to figure out, Do I really want to do another reality-TV show?” Apparently, the answer was yes.

Image credit: Vince Neil: Bruce Malone; inset: Steve Double/Retna

Vince Neil

THEN Glam-metal poster boy as lead singer of arena rockers Mötley Crüe

NOW Reportedly storming off stage at solo shows and spilling secrets of the trade at a rock & roll fantasy camp

WHY HE’S IN THE HOUSE ”I was a bit curious…. It’s kind of one of those once-in-a-lifetime things, you know. I’d never do it again.”

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