We've sifted through all of this year's sartorial and pop-culture rubble to present the best (Sarah Jessica Parker's maternity duds), the worst (for shame, Christina Aguilera!), and most intriguing (who is that cell-phone guy?) of the bunch.

By EW Staff
Updated January 03, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

BEST CLEAVAGE Halle Berry in Die Another Day. WORST CLEAVAGE Christina Aguilera’s undercleavage at the 2002 VMAs. Speaking of Aguilera, she also gets the TMI Award, for her unnecessary revelations about her oh-so-private body piercings.

MAKEOVER WE LOVED Missy Elliott High blood pressure prompted Elliott to lose several pounds. Judging from the streamlined look debuted in her ”Work It” video, she’s not having any trouble getting her freak on. MAKEOVER WE HATED Madonna Madge flopped with two motifs: her wet-hair-‘n’-baggy-Adidas-tracksuits and the upper-crust fuddy-duddy formal gowns that made her look more Queen Mum than queen of pop.

BEST HOT JEANS Paper Denim & Cloth The worthy successor to Seven has arrived. Britney Spears herself wore a pair during New York’s fashion week.

PROOF THE COLOR PINK IS NO LONGER COOL The eponymous singer got all serious and dyed her Day-Glo locks raven, Americans nixed rosy-rocker Nikki as their Idol, then tacky E! reality star Anna Nicole Smith commanded her interior decorator to create a bedroom in as many shades of pink as possible.

BEST SMELLING PRODUCT Noode You may not have had the funds to subsidize a fleet of stylists, but you could at least smell like a celeb with these skin-care products. Reese Witherspoon and Ashanti are fans.

WORST HAIR It’s a three-way tie for disastrous ‘dos: J. Lo’s I-am-a-strong-woman-so-I’ll-chop-off-my-locks crop in Enough; Julia Roberts’ unflattering shag in Full Frontal, and Dermot Mulroney’s mullet in About Schmidt. Paging Frederic Fekkai!

MOST MYSTERIOUS PITCHMAN The Verizon Wireless guy His tag line may be ubiquitous (”Can you hear me now?”) but the identity of the phone giant shiller is not. Advertising reps declined to name the actor, calling him the ”personification of people we have all over the country.” — Clarissa Cruz, with Karyn Barr, Nicholas Fonseca, Allyssa Lee



BEST SHOPAHOLICS J. Lo and Ben Affleck

It’s the same old love story: Oscar-winning boy meets chart-topping girl and buys her a $50,000 Rolex, a yellow and white diamond Harry Winston bracelet, and a 6.1-carat pink solitaire ring. And after reportedly dropping a few thou at Versace and Gucci, the lovebirds head toward Sunset Boulevard in his six-figure Aston Martin sports car (a gift from her). BINGE DAMAGE Add the $75,000-per-weekend Hamptons rental and $150,000 for two Benzes, and their spree is flirting with the $2 million mark.

BEST AWARDS DRESS Jennifer Connelly at the Golden Globes

Connelly was stylish and sexy in a Narciso Rodriguez gown accented by a single white flower

WORST AWARDS DRESS Jennifer Connelly at the Oscars

The actress donned an unflattering Balenciaga frock that made her gorgeous complexion look wan


Oh, baby! Even pregnant, Parker was still the mother of all haute couture. You glow, girl.


With nothing but skivvies and a smile, Vaughn Lowery gives the Energizer Bunny a run for his money