January 03, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

ROLE PLAYING In Spike Jonze’s Adaptation, guess who’s coming to dinner? Director David O. Russell (Three Kings) appears as a guest at a dinner attended by Susan Orlean (Meryl Streep), who’s accompanied by her husband, played by director Curtis Hanson (who made The River Wild with Streep). According to a Sony spokesperson, Jonze wanted to put together a sophisticated New York dinner party, and thought they would be a believable part of the mix. Further evidence that all directors really just want to act.

THE MEN WITH NO BRAINS There are more John Does with superhuman abilities than we know what to do with. In addition to Fox’s TV series John Doe, about a man with memory loss who discovers he has unforeseen powers, Revolution is moving forward on Zak Penn’s John Doe, about a man who discovers he has, well, you guessed it — unforeseen powers. (Wesley Snipes will play the lead.) A Revolution spokesperson says that the project, which Penn will direct, is only tentatively titled, explaining, ”The script was written two years ago before there was a TV show.” He also assures us ”there’s a plot twist in the movie that makes it completely original.” We’ll try to remember that.

AN EVEN DOZEN Jerry Weintraub says the Ocean’s Eleven sequel script should be ready for director Steven Soderbergh near the end of next year, promising ”George and Matt and Don Cheadle and the whole gang will be back.”

FURTHERMORE Screenwriter Jeff Vlaming, who wrote the serial-killer thriller Tempting Pandora for Warner Bros., has also penned Scherazade; Michael Apted is attached to direct the project, a modern-day take on Arabian Nights, with Laurence Fishburne and Gary Sinise slated to star.

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