Faux ''Millionaire'' was fined for skipping $2.50 toll -- Not-so-average ''Joe'' Evan Marriott was cited for driving past a tollbooth without paying in September

By Gary Susman
Updated January 03, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST
Evan Marriott: Aaron Rapaport/Fox

Fox’s upcoming ”Joe Millionaire,” as everyone knows (except for the 20 bachelorettes who competed), centers on a suitor who is only pretending to be a wealthy heir; only at the end do the gals vying for his favor learn that 28-year-old Evan Marriott is really a construction worker making less than $20,000 a year.

How short of cash is Marriott? Short enough to skip out on a highway toll that would have cost no more than $2.50, according to a traffic citation unearthed by the Smoking Gun.

The California Highway Patrol stopped the faux millionaire on Sept. 25 and cited him for toll evasion for zipping past a tollbooth on State Road 73 in Irvine without paying the toll, which, depending on where his trip started, would have cost between 50 cents and $2.50. According to the Smoking Gun, Marriott pleaded guilty and paid the fine of $104.

Marriott is one of several reality-show personalities in recent years to have a less-than-spotless record brought to light. Of course, on ”Joe Millionaire,” which premieres Jan. 6, deceptive behavior is an asset.