By Nancy Miller
Updated January 03, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

Devastating amounts of plastic surgery. a string of cringe-inducing performances, and heaps of bad publicity. Are we talking about Michael Jackson or Guns N’ Roses’ Axl Rose? From suspected Botox use to bailing on a Dec. 6 Philadelphia gig (reportedly to watch the end of a basketball game) to the sudden cancellation of GN’R’s U.S. tour, Rose may be edging out the Gloved One in the bizarro sweeps by a nose (job). You be the judge.

[Michael Jackson]

NICKNAME: Wacko Jacko

Freaked out the public by appearing in court with a collapsed nose.

Creepy coterie included monkey named Bubbles.

Spurred outrage by dangling — then pulling away — his own baby in Berlin.

Invited former GN’R guitarist Slash to perform at his tribute concert in 2001.

In a tirade, called Sony boss Tommy Mottola ”devilish.”

[Axl Rose]

NICKNAME: Paxil Rose

Freaked out the public by appearing in concert with a collapsed waistline.

Creepy coterie included bandmate named Buckethead.

Spurred riots by dangling — then pulling away — his band’s concert in Vancouver.

Banned former GN’R guitarist Slash from attending a reunion concert in 2001.

At a Hong Kong concert, called GN’R fans ”f