January 03, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST


D.W. GRIFFITH MASTERWORKS BOX SET Lillian Gish (Kino, unrated, DVD) A collection of films documenting the launch of movies as art. A-

HAPPY ACCIDENTS Marisa Tomei (MGM, R) A Big Apple romance about a neurotic phone operator in love with a time traveler. Only in New York, kids! B+

MINORITY REPORT Tom Cruise (DreamWorks, PG-13) Steven Spielberg presides over a dazzling vision of an almost crime-free future. B+


BLOOD WORK (Warner, R) Clint Eastwood’s perilous thriller has him playing an FBI profiler huffing after an elusive serial killer.

EYE SEE YOU (Columbia TriStar, R) Finally, we get to see Sylvester Stallone as an alcoholic G-man. But is the long-on-the-shelf flick worth the wait?

THE GOOD GIRL (Fox, R) Jennifer Aniston like you’ve never seen her before: poor, depressed, and wearing cheap Keds.

THE KING OF COMEDY (Fox, PG, DVD) Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro, and Jerry Lewis in the classic showbiz satire. Run, don’t walk.

SIGNS (Touchstone, PG-13) So, what easy-to-find-on-Earth substance is the invading alien force’s Achilles’ heel this time? Cool Whip?

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