Half-baked FX push Heath Ledger's ''Sin Eater'' off January menu -- Viewers were laughing at the occult thriller, whose mystical special effects looked like squids

By Gary Susman
Updated January 02, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

The Order (Movie - 2003)

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Heath Ledger fans will have to wait a bit longer for his next movie, ”Sin Eater,” which Twentieth Century Fox has postponed indefinitely from its Jan. 17 release date. The reason, according to Variety, is that the special effects need to be redone. Apparently, the FX in the occult thriller were making viewers howl — with laughter.

The movie, which reteams Ledger with ”A Knight’s Tale” director Brian Helgeland, has taken refuge at Asylum. That’s the name of the Santa Monica effects house that’s reworking the movie’s mystical FX. Production insiders told Variety that the initial effects, done by London’s Mill Film, were more laughable than scary. Sins literally fly out of the human body in the film, and one insider told Variety they ended up ”looking like calamari.” A Fox spokesperson says that the studio and Helgeland are much happier with the revamped effects being created at Asylum.

Also, the title has been changed to ”The Order.” The original title, which Fox understandably found unpalatable, referred to a rogue sect of priests who would use corpses as placemats, supposedly ingesting and thereby absolving the unforgiven sins of the deceased as they ate food off their bodies. In the movie, a sin eater emerges in present-day Rome and wreaks havoc by sending unpunished sins out into the world.

There’s no firm release date for the reworked film — maybe sometime in the summer, Variety reports. Let’s just hope that, after seeing ”The Order,” moviegoers aren’t inspired to order up some squid.

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