By Scott Brown
Updated March 17, 2020 at 03:08 AM EDT
The Wild Thornberrys Movie

Worry not, Thornberrys novices: Before the opening credits of The Wild Thornberrys Movie, you’re fully acquainted with Nickelodeon’s cartoon clan of eccentric naturalists. Seems young Eliza Thornberry (voiced by Lacey Chabert) can talk to animals — a handy talent, because her chipper Brit father (Tim Curry, all wonderfully Waughian nasality) is a globe-trotting Steve Irwin type. Eliza’s gift brings her into conflict with (who else?) poachers, and the ensuing adventure takes her across Africa, here presented as a Disneyland teeming with cute, helpful natives and the music of Paul Simon.

”Thornberrys,” recognizably the work of the ”Rugrats” team, is an average kid-empowerment fantasy with slightly above-average brains — though older viewers may lament the requisite celebratory rump-shaking, here touched off by a baboon stampede.

The Wild Thornberrys Movie

  • Movie
  • PG
  • 85 minutes
  • Cathy Malkasian
  • Jeff McGrath