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Credit: Surreal Life Photograph by Bryce Duffy

”The Surreal Life” is one of 2003’s wildest new reality shows


PREMIERE 9 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 9

WHAT IT IS Remember those creepy Lipton Sizzle & Stir commercials in which Mary Lou Retton, Mr. T, George Hamilton, and Sally Jessy Raphael shared their own personal rendition of family mealtime? Now there’s an entire show dedicated to C-list stars gathering around the dinner table and fighting over the remote. This show’s cast members — Gabrielle Carteris (of ”Beverly Hills 90210” fame), ”Survivor” castoff Jerri Manthey, ”Webster” star Emmanuel Lewis, ex-Mötley Crüe singer Vince Neil, ”Baywatch” hottie Brande Roderick, ”Living Single” star Kim Coles, former millionaire MC Hammer and ”Lost Boys” flameout Corey Feldman — move into a house together for two weeks. ”They’re allowed to come and go as they please,” says a WB spokesperson. ”They just have to bring the entire group with them.” Feldman couldn’t even escape for his own wedding. He and girlfriend Susie Sprague were married by Hammer — on camera, of course — in October.

WHY WE CARE It’s ”Anna Nicole” meets ”The Real World,” so what’s not to like? Not only does ”Surreal Life” answer the burning question ”Whatever happened to Webster?” — it even has the obligatory hottie quotient (Roderick and Manthey). Oh, and we can’t wait to see Neil and Hammer arm-wrestling for control of the CD player.

THE VERDICT Jerri Manthey ate grubs for this?

The Surreal Life
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