The 10 darkest moments of ''Making the Band.'' And you thought breaking into the music biz would be fun. Kimberly Reyes counts down the show's most troubling scenes

By Kimberly Reyes
December 20, 2002 at 05:00 AM EST
Making the Band II: MTV

The 10 darkest moments of ”Making the Band”

Anyone who’s been watching MTV’s ”Making the Band 2” knows how quickly the show went from being a silly music biz sequel to an unexpected documentary of urban despair. Sure, seeing last season’s O-Town heartthrob Ashley vex over whether to pursue acting full-time was heart-wrenching in its own right, but his crew’s dilemmas don’t compare to the woes of these superstar wannabes. As P. Diddy prepares to pick this season’s winners (Mon., Dec. 23, 10 p.m.), takes a look back at the show’s 10 most unnerving moments.

10. Freddrick sets off the next teenage street trend by hanging condoms from his headband. Hey, it looks like MTV’s safe-sex campaigns haven’t fallen on deaf ears, after all.

9. P. Diddy abrubtly stages a rap-off between house rivals to see who will be sent home. Yikes, just the thought of having to engage in a write-off to keep my job sends shivers up my spine.

8. Allah and Chopper fight, trash cans and bottles fly, arms are bitten, crotches are grabbed, and finally the police come to calm everyone down. For a second you can’t remember if you’re watching ”Tough Enough,” ”Cops,” or ”Making the Band.”

7. Dylan matter-of-factly states that he’s been framed for a crime he didn’t commit, but one for which he will inevitably do eight months. Diddy empathizes, since we all know he’s been there, but cuts him loose anyway. Let’s hope Dylan doesn’t run into Shyne in the big house.

6. DJ Diamond’s controversial ”all my Bad Boy crackers” line earns him a stern talking-to from Bad Boy execs. They explain proper rap etiquette by saying Eminem would never use a word as offensive as ”n*gga.” Right, we forgot that ”faggot” is a compliment.

5. While stressing about being disciplined by Alison (Bad Boy’s in-house liaison), Pocahontas reveals that her baby daddy is sleeping with some ”bitch that was supposed to be [her] girl” back home.

4. …and later, in the middle of a heated argument, Pocahontas calls Jaime a ”white devil.” Jaime cries. Pocahontas gets the boot. Damn. It’s just not this girl’s year.

3. Bad Boy liaison Alison tells Jamirah that she looks at least four months pregnant. After a few uncomfortable giggles, Jamirah finally decides to investigate — and wouldn’t you know it, she IS pregnant! Diddy says he won’t discriminate against her, then boots her out of the house. Hey, this ain’t ”Family Affair.”

2. In the middle of auditions we learn that Solomon’s brother was killed in a car chase. But there is one bright note: After advancing to the next round, Solomon celebrates by kissing his brother’s picture, which he carries around on a button. Teenagers across America get the sudden urge to hug their siblings.

1. Former foster child Mysterious learns that her missing sister’s body parts have been found in a garbage can. The troops temporarily see past their petty differences to rally around her. Christina Aguilera aside, MTV has never been so disturbing to watch.

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