From Brit to J. Lo, behold the breakups of 2002. Angelina's split with Billy Bob and Lisa Marie's quickie nuptials -- get the story behind the biggest bust-ups of the year

By Nicholas Fonseca
Updated December 16, 2002 at 05:00 AM EST
Angelina Jolie, Billy Bob Thornton
Credit: Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie: James Smeal/Galella, Ltd.

There’s only one thing more fun than watching a pair of perfect-cheekboned, multimillionaire celebs fall in love, and that’s witnessing their breakups. Behold 2002’s split personalities.

The Couple Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake
Length of Relationship 2 1/2 years
The Demise Some blamed their March parting on a liaison he had with a dancer named Jenna. Others — JT in particular — pointed to a Brit-fueled bust-up. (His new single features the lyrics ”You don’t have to say what you did/I already know/I found out from him!”) He’s since been linked to Janet Jackson and Alyssa Milano, while Spears found comfort in wearing a tee that screamed ”DUMP HIM.”

The Couple James and Marcy Gandolfini
Length of Marriage 3 1/2 years
The Demise After filing divorce papers in March, the notoriously press-shy Gandolfini watched Marcy — oblivious to the oath of omerta — blab about her ”love-hate relationship” with the man she alleged was a cheating boozer. Where’s Dr. Melfi when you need her?

The Couple Cris Judd and Jennifer Lopez
Length of Marriage 10 months
The Demise The bauble-flaunting boricua filed for divorce from Judd in July, one day after escorting current fiancé Ben Affleck to her birthday bash. In her new album’s liner notes, she tells Judd she’ll ”always be here if you need me,” but one look at her spotty track record, and it’s hard to take her seriously.

The Couple Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton
Length of Marriage 2 years
The Demise While she trotted the globe as a U.N. goodwill ambassador, he stayed in the States to promote his god-awful first album. Absence didn’t exactly make their hearts grow fonder, and by June they had split. Jolie later hinted that he may have strayed. Considering Thornton once said he ”had to restrain myself from literally squeezing her to death,” they both should count their blessings.

The Couple Nicolas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley
Length of Marriage 3 months
The Story February: The Hollywood heirs announce they’ve called off their 10-month courtship. August: Oops… never mind! The couple marries during a hastily assembled Hawaiian ceremony. November: Cage files for divorce, and Presley responds by trashing the union as ”a big mistake.” You think?