The Donnas singer Donna A, you've got 15 minutes...

By Rob Brunner
Updated December 13, 2002 at 05:00 AM EST

1. What was Ritchie Valens’ biggest hit?

”’Oh, Donna’ [sic]? We cover Valens’ ‘Come On, Let’s Go,’ but ‘Oh, Donna’ is the one that comes up a lot.”

2. Which phrase best fits: Go on and take it ____. (A) to the limit (B) to the extreme (C) to its logical conclusion

[Laughs] ”A. [Singing the Eagles song] ‘Take it to the limit one more time.’ We like ‘Witchy Woman,’ too.”

3. Assume X=Let’s Go and Y=Hey. Complete this equation: Y + _ = X

”So…hey + _ = let’s go? [pause] Come on? No? Oh, right, Ho. ‘Hey, ho, let’s go.’ That’s an obvious one. I was stuck on Ritchie Valens.”

4. What is [sqare root]AC/DC ?

”I need to, like, study for this interview. Maybe Kiss.”

5. Rank these Donnas from coolest to least cool: Donna Summer, Donna Rice, Donna Tartt, Don Ameche.

”Okay, Donna Summer. We’re big disco fans. Second is Don Ameche. Then Donna Tartt. I don’t really have a reason. And then Donna Rice. Why? I mean…you put them in order. Some of these are kind of obscure. Usually people ask us about Donna D’Errico.”