Mikazuki Rokku

Aki Sobani Iruyo

Mr. Children have more grit, and Glay are more glam, but Spitz do wistful better than anyone. On Mikazuki Rokku (”Crescent Moon Rock”), the mainstream rockers’ 10th album, Masa-mune Kusano’s tenor suggests a world of hurt without ever turning whiny. The Simon & Garfunkelish ”Umiwo Mi ni Ikou” (”Let’s Go See the Ocean”) helps keep things upbeat, but the group shows its true strength through the heartbreaking ”Mizuiro no Machi” (”Water-Colored Town”) and the perkily aching ”Sawatte, Kawatte” (”Touch, Feel”), both of which underscore how this quartet folds romantic longing into catchy melodies.

Aki Sobani Iruyo
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