J. Lo has it ''Maid'' with the No. 1 box office spot. With $19 million, ''Maid in Manhattan'' debuts in the top position, edging out ''Star Trek: Nemesis''

By Dave Karger
Updated December 13, 2002 at 05:00 AM EST
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”Star Trek”’s biggest nemesis this weekend turned out to be J. Lo. After trailing ”Star Trek: Nemesis”on Friday night, Jennifer Lopez’s romance ”Maid in Manhattan” came from behind to claim the top spot at the box office, according to early studio estimates.

”Manhattan” premiered with $19 million, just $200,000 ahead of ”Nemesis,” though the order could certainly swap once final numbers are announced Monday. Still, Lopez’s debut is an improvement over her last film, the domestic-violence drama ”Enough,” which opened with $17.2 million over the four-day Memorial Day weekend. Moviegoers apparently found ”Manhattan”’s lighthearted concept more appealing.

”Star Trek: Nemesis,” which topped Friday’s chart with a $7.7 million first day (compared with $6.6 million for ”Maid in Manhattan”), ended up with $18.8 for the weekend. That’s a bit lower than the tally for the last ”Trek” film, 1998’s ”Insurrection,” which opened with $22.1 million. Blame the difference on the lack of any discernable buzz for the film.

One film that all audiences seemed to love is ”Drumline,” the marching-band drama featuring child star Nick Cannon, which debuted with an impressive $13.1 million and racked up A+ CinemaScore grades from audiences of all ages and both genders. This one should benefit from strong word of mouth in the upcoming weeks. ”Drumline”’s crowd-pleasing elements helped it open far above Rob Schneider’s latest goofy comedy, ”The Hot Chick,” which tied for fourth place with ”Die Another Day.” Both films earned $7.5 million for the weekend. The total for the James Bond film now stands at $131.6 million. Looks like moviegoers think the real hot chicks of the moment are Jennifer Lopez and Halle Berry.

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