Tom Sizemore arrested for allegedly hitting a woman. A woman claiming to be the ''Robbery Homicide Division'' star's fiancee says he beat and threatened her, but his reps say the claims are a shakedown

By Gary Susman
Updated December 10, 2002 at 05:00 AM EST
Tom Sizemore: Lisa O'Connor/ZUMA Press/Newscom

Tom Sizemore, who stars as a seasoned Los Angeles police detective on ”Robbery Homicide Division,” got into his own trouble with the Los Angeles Police on Saturday. Cops arrested him that afternoon for allegedly hitting and threatening a woman, E! reports. The woman told police she was his fiancée, but the actor’s representatives said she was not his fiancée or even his girlfriend, and described her allegations as a ”shakedown.”

According to E!’s account of the police report, the woman said she and Sizemore were arguing about wedding plans when they exchanged blows. He ”punched her in the face and threw her to the ground,” a police officer told the Associated Press. She and two witnesses fled and called police, who came and arrested the actor. He was booked on a misdemeanor domestic battery charge and released from jail four hours later on $2,500 bail. He will be arraigned Jan. 8. He faces a possible $2,000 fine and up to a year in jail if convicted.

The woman’s identity is unclear. According to E!, she is not Heidi Fleiss, the onetime Hollywood madam and Sizemore’s on-again-off-again girlfriend. Sizemore’s publicist, Michelle Bega, said of the woman, ”The individual is not Mr. Sizemore’s girlfriend or fiancée.”

The actor’s lawyer, Robert Barta, paints a very different picture of the incident. He released a statement, saying, ”Tom Sizemore is a popular and nice guy. An individual became unruly when asked to leave and was escorted out of Mr. Sizemore’s house. Subsequently, the individual asked me, Mr. Sizemore’s attorney, for money. This is a shakedown and we are confident that it will go away.”

Sizemore, the 41-year-old tough-guy actor best known for playing soldiers in films like ”Saving Private Ryan” and ”Black Hawk Down,” has faced such charges before. In 1997, his then-wife, actress Maeve Quinlan, called police after a violent argument at their home. She later dropped the charges, telling the Chicago Sun-Times ”it was all a huge misunderstanding,” the result of a night of ”too much drinking.” They divorced two years later.