Quick quiz: Which promo features a Euro-baddie asking a female spy, ”Who do you work for?” and her snappy retort: ”Yo mama!”? If you ID’d that as a spot for the new Bond flick, Die Another Day, with Halle Berry as the saucy agent, you’re right. If you think it’s a clip from the syndicated spoof show She Spies with Natashia Williams, you’re also right. Believe it or not, the exact same dialogue and setup appear in both projects — and in both ad campaigns. ”It’s not the most uncommon response in the free world,” notes Ron Osborn, exec producer of She Spies, which, like Die Another Day, is produced by MGM. ”We’ve already aired, so at least for the 12 people who’ve seen it, they know that we haven’t ripped off [Bond].”

Die Another Day
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  • 129 minutes