Nicole Kidman put her nose to the grindstone in this month’s The Hours. The star was fitted with a beak-like schnozz for her role as novelist Virginia Woolf. ”I loved it,” she gushes. ”The paparazzi would be outside my trailer and I’d use a different name when I walked out and they’d have no idea it was me.” Costar Miranda Richardson was so taken with the faux snout — ”supreme, astonishingly applied,” raves the actress — that she pined for an appendage of her own. ”A trunk or something like that,” Richardson modestly proposes. ”Or a tail would be good.” Meanwhile, Julianne Moore was content with the rubber belly she donned for her role as a melancholy pregnant mother, wisely noting ”One should never envy one’s colleague’s prosthetic.”


”It’s like you’re kicking the field goal with no time left, and no one’s looking you in the eye.” — GEORGE CLOONEY, on the film crew’s reaction to his work in Solaris’ nude love scene

The Hours
  • Movie
  • 110 minutes