Dylan, Pacino, Downey Jr. join Sundance lineup. They're late additions to an already starry indie slate at the January film festival

Several additional much-buzzed-about movies have found their way into next month’s Sundance Film Festival, according to trade reports. Along with the movies announced earlier this week, the slate will include such eagerly anticipated films as Bob Dylan’s starring turn in ”Masked and Abandoned,” Al Pacino’s long-delayed ”People I Know,” and Robert Downey Jr.’s comeback vehicle, ”The Singing Detective.”

In ”Masked,” Dylan plays Jack Fate, a paroled singer who meets assorted strange characters, played by Jessica Lange, Penélope Cruz, Luke Wilson, Val Kilmer, Angela Bassett, Ed Harris, and Jeff Bridges. Pacino plays a New York publicist trying to keep a lid on a scandal in ”People I Know,” delayed in part because of Sept. 11 (it included a shot, filmed before the attacks and since excised, of Pacino’s crumbling character hallucinating that the World Trade Center towers are lying on their sides). Costarring are Téa Leoni, Kim Basinger, and Ryan O’Neal. ”Detective,” based on Dennis Potter’s (”Pennies from Heaven”) British miniseries about a writer with a painful ailment, marks Downey’s first film role since ”Wonder Boys” three years ago, before his most recent drug troubles derailed his career. Mel Gibson (who produced the film), Robin Wright Penn, and Katie Holmes costar.

Other high-profile films announced yesterday include opening night feature ”Levity,” starring Billy Bob Thornton as a paroled killer, along with Morgan Freeman, Holly Hunter, and Kirsten Dunst; sci-fi thriller ”It’s All About Love,” starring Claire Danes and Joaquin Phoenix, from Danish ”Dogma 95” director Thomas Vinterberg (”The Celebration”); ”Confidence,” a con-game drama with Dustin Hoffman and Edward Burns, from director James Foley (”Glengarry Glen Ross”), and Neil LaBute’s ”The Shape of Things,” adapted from his Off-Broadway drama, with Rachel Weisz and Paul Rudd.

These join a lineup that already includes such movies as Macaulay Culkin’s comeback in ”Party Monster” and the directing debuts of Salma Hayek (”The Maldonado Miracle”) and Matt Dillon (”City of Ghosts”). The Park City, Utah, festival kicks off Jan. 16 and runs through the 26th.