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Credit: A View to a Kill: Everett Collection

20 A VIEW TO A KILL (1985) The worst Bond villain (Christopher Walken, underplaying for a change). One of the worst Bond girls (Tanya Roberts, making like Barbie). And the worst job by Roger Moore, who should have quit two movies earlier. At this point, the only thing more tired than his performance was the Bond formula itself.

19 OCTOPUSSY (1983) Moore was starting to crash in his sixth adventure. Maud Adams is an exotic lady smuggler, Louis Jourdan a villainous Afghan prince, and Steven Berkoff a mad Russian general who hides a stolen A-bomb in a traveling circus. Makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

18 LICENCE TO KILL (1989) Timothy Dalton’s second outing, and he’s still playing the role too straight. Bond goes AWOL on a personal vendetta to kill a ruthless Latino drug lord (Robert Davi). A not-so-bold departure that didn’t hit its marks.

A View to a Kill
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