Keanu Reeves sets post-''Matrix'' plans. He'll shoot three movies next year, including a love triangle with Jack Nicholson
Keanu Reeves
Credit: Keanu Reeves: Graham Whitby-Boot/Allstar/Globe Photos

Constantine (2005 movie)

Keanu Reeves likes his work to arrive in bulk. After shooting both of the upcoming ”Matrix” sequels at once, Reeves will film no fewer than three other movies next year, including two comedies and a comic book adaptation, according to Variety.

Reeves will start his year with an untitled comedy in which both he and Jack Nicholson will fall in love with Diane Keaton, Variety reports; the movie is set to be directed by Nancy Meyers, who worked with Keaton in the ‘”Father of the Bride” films. Reeves will also star in an adaptation of the Walter Kirn novel ”Thumbsucker,” according to the trade paper — which is odd, since the book’s main character is a 16-year-old boy.

Reeves’ other 2003 project is the previously announced ”Constantine” — an adaptation of the DC comic book ”Hellblazer” that was originally set to star Nicolas Cage. Instead, Reeves will play the title character, magician John Constantine. Luckily, we already know he can bend spoons.

Constantine (2005 movie)
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