Glengarry Glen Ross
Credit: Glengarry Glen Ross: Andy Schwartz

Glengarry Glen Ross, David Mamet’s searing ensemble piece about sad-sack real estate salesmen cracking under pressure, has finally arrived on DVD (in a 10th-anniversary edition), with its superb acting and eminently quotable dialogue (”F— you, that’s my name!”) given a pristine showcase. Among the illuminating extras: a talking-head documentary featuring real-life salesmen, a Jack Lemmon appearance on ”Charlie Rose,” and short audio commentary by costar Alan Arkin, who claims ”every single syllable, every stutter, every stammer was scripted.” But the real treat here is the playfully profane feature-length commentary by director James Foley, who appears to be quoting that other great man of American letters, Norm Crosby, when he says he thought the uttering of one particular expletive was ”forboten.”

Glengarry Glen Ross
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