FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS Ernest Hemingway (Scribner, $14) David Benioff wrote a book and it was good and he called it The 25th Hour. Then he wrote a script and it was good as well and Hollywood liked it and he called it, too, The 25th Hour. After this, he was hot. He wrote more scripts and he was on a roll. Writing is fun and good. Now he will adapt Papa and the pay is seven figures.

RUNNING WITH SCISSORS Augusten Burroughs (St. Martin’s, $23.95) Julianne Moore will reportedly star in a film version of Burroughs’ sublime memoir.

BAG OF BONES Stephen King (Pocket, $7.99) Bruce Willis, no stranger to this space of late, is thinking books yet again: He’s sicced his production company on a 1998 spooker from King, himself a moonlighting pioneer in the books-to-film business.