''Stone Cold'' Steve Austin pleads no contest to wife beating. The wrestler will have to pay a fine, do community service and go on probation
Steve Austin

Wrestler ”Stone Cold” Steve Austin entered a no contest plea on Monday to a misdemeanor charge of beating his wife, receiving a sentence of probation, according to wire service reports. ”It’s kinda been a drag, but it’s over,” Austin told reporters, according to the Associated Press. ”Don’t count on seeing me here again.” Austin will have to do 80 hours of community service, pay $1,000, and attend counseling.

The charges stem from a June incident that left a ”large, noticeable welt” on Austin’s wife’s face, according to a police report posted on thesmokinggun.com. The wife, former beauty queen Debra Williams, told police that Austin had hit her on the head, back and legs, according to the report. Austin had been scheduled to go to trial next week on the charge, which could have led to a sentence of as much as a year in jail.

Austin hasn’t wrestled in a World Wrestling Entertainment match since just before the June incident, according to Reuters. A WWE spokesperson told the wire service that the wrestler had been suspended after failing to show for two matches.