Ethan Hawke to guest-star on ''Alias'' -- Hawke will play a CIA agent who needs help from Sydney Bristow

By Brian Hiatt
Updated November 26, 2002 at 05:00 AM EST

Novel-scribbling thespian Ethan Hawke will take a break from the literary life to pop up in a single episode of ABC’s ”Alias” in January. Hawke will play a CIA agent who — in typical ”Alias” style — may or may not be a traitor, according to the Hollywood Reporter. In any case, Jennifer Garner’s Sydney Bristow will have to rescue Hawke’s undercover agent after he blows his cover.

Hawke may be an ”Alias” aficionado, since he’s rarely deigned to act on television in the past. His most recent high-profile movie role, alongside Denzel Washington in ”Training Day,” garnered him a best supporting actor Oscar nomination. His most recent novel, June’s ”Ash Wednesday,” hasn’t been nominated for anything yet. But give him time.