Jimmy Fallon gets first leading role in French remake. The ''SNL'' news reader will star in Miramax's adaptation of ''Tanguy'' as a grown man who won't leave his folks' house
Jimmy Fallon
Credit: Jimmy Fallon: Fernando Salas/ZUMA Press/Newscom

Jimmy Fallon has enjoyed supporting parts in such projects as ”Almost Famous,” ”Band of Brothers,” and the upcoming Woody Allen movie ”Anything Else.” But the ”Saturday Night Live” news reader will get his first movie lead in a Miramax remake of an acclaimed French film, Variety reports. It’s a comedy about a 28-year-old man whose parents are dying for him to move out of the house.

The original, called ”Tanguy,” was enough of a critical favorite to earn two nominations for the Cesars, the French Oscar equivalent, in 2001. But don’t expect the Miramax version to be the quasi-independent studio’s usual arty fare. ”Miramax has always been known for quality, award-winning films,” Fallon tells Variety. ”Hopefully this movie will change all that.”