Joan Collins Writes a New Novel About -- What Else? -- the Lives of the Bold, Beautiful, and Filthy Rich

Star Quality

Four beefcakes, eager to win the role of the new young buck, nervously run through lines in Guiding Light’s reception area. Back in the bowels of the soap’s Manhattan studio, Joan Collins, deep into her seventh decade and a six-month stint as the soap’s sly matriarch Alexandra Spaulding, lounges in an oversize white terry-cloth robe and diamond bangles. She takes a post-makeup, pre-wardrobe break from Springfield to talk up her new novel, Star Quality (Hyperion, $23.95), the deliciously silly saga about four generations of fabulous women who have what it takes. Oh, the things she could teach those poor pups out front. — Karen Valby

PROSE SAMPLE ”’Call him. What can you lose?’ Vickie raised her eyebrows. ‘Certainly not my virginity!”’ WRITING ROUTINE ”I can’t type. I can’t use a computer. It’s all done in longhand. But I have a wonderful person who is able to decipher everything, so he then takes it and double-spaces it.” HER ONE REGRET ”All my books are female-driven. I hope I don’t make my men too unsympathetic.” A quick, scalding burst of giggles. ”I don’t mean to.” WHAT SHE’LL WEAR TO HER BOOK PARTY ”Something outrageous, something by [Dynasty costumer] Nolan Miller that I designed.” WHAT SHE’S READING NOW ”There is absolutely no time to read when you have to learn 30 to 40 pages of dialogue a day, you’re having a social life, and you’re newly married” (to fifth husband Percy Gibson, 37). ON BEING A GUILTY PLEASURE ”I hope the critics don’t put people off the book by calling it trash…. Isn’t a guilty pleasure eating a double triple hamburger? Isn’t it eating a doughnut? Isn’t three quarters of life a guilty pleasure?”

Star Quality
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