Baz Luhrmann's La Boheme

La Boheme


Anyone who thinks there’s nothing more boring than live opera has never experienced opera on DVD: All the joie de vivre was sapped from Puccini’s spectacularly romantic La Bohème in its 1993 trip from a Sydney stage to the small screen. The bohemian whimsy that director Baz Luhrmann would later bring to ”Moulin Rouge” is lost here, drowned in muddy mood lighting and encumbered by shabby-cheap sets (courtesy of Luhrmann’s wife, designer Catherine Martin). Attractive singers devouring aria after aria help — David Hobson and Cheryl Barker are lovely as a tortured poet and his consumptive sweetie — but the looping makes them look like J. Lo-level lip-synchers. Luhrmann’s ”Bohème” will be live on Broadway beginning Nov. 29; perhaps then it will also be alive.

La Boheme
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