Silverstone plays matchmaker for ''Sex and the City'''s Star. The ''Clueless'' star will play a lawyer/matchmaker in ''SATC'' producer Darren Star's new NBC comedy-drama
Alicia Silverstone
Credit: Alicia Silverstone: Lionel Hahn/Abaca Press/KRT/Newscom

In ”Clueless,” Alicia Silverstone played a teen who orchestrates the love lives of others while neglecting her own. Now, she’s going to play an adult who does the same thing. Variety reports that she’ll star in the NBC series being developed by ”Sex and the City”’s Darren Star about a Manhattan matrimonial lawyer who is also a matchmaker.

Just as ”Sex” is based loosely on the romantic life of writer Candace Bushnell, Star’s hour-long comedy-drama was inspired by real-life New York lawyer/matchmaker Samantha Daniels. Silverstone, who’s surely been absorbing Manhattan folkways while spending the last nine months on Broadway in ”The Graduate,” tells Variety that the play ”opened up my mind to the idea of doing television. I had the best time doing ‘The Graduate,’ and I realized it wasn’t about which medium you’re doing. If it’s interesting material and people you like, then go for it.” (Then again, it’s not like Silverstone is getting her pick of film roles these days.)

”Alicia makes this idea make sense to me,” Star tells Variety. ”You believe her as someone who believes in other people’s happiness. She has a very empathetic quality and innate sweetness and loveability to her.” He adds that the 26-year-old actress has an adult side that those who remember her from ”Clueless” haven’t seen. ”There’s this grown-up, adult persona that I don’t think people are quite as familiar with.” Silverstone returns the compliments, telling Variety, ”Darren’s amazing; he’s like my love god.”