Justin breaks his foot, gets booted from Mariah CD. The 'N Sync singer injures himself in a rehearsal, while Carey decides to include a Timberlake-free version of the duet ''Yours'' on her December release

Maybe Justin Timberlake should stop trying to cop Michael Jackson’s dance moves. Launch.com reports that the moonwalking ‘N Sync singer broke his foot over the weekend during a rehearsal in London for a TV appearance promoting his solo release, ”Justified.” No word on who’ll replace him as Kelly Osbourne’s cohost of the Nov. 24 ”Smash Hits T4 Poll Winners Party” (her brother Jack maybe?), but it wasn’t the only promotional appearance Timberlake had to scrap; he had to cancel gigs in France and Canada as well.

Timberlake hasn’t revealed how he incurred the injury, but he did release a statement to fans. ”I am sorely disappointed” he said, without apparent irony, ”that I must miss any scheduled events. However, I must adhere to my physician’s recommendations and rest. I look forward to being able to perform again and hope to see all my fans soon.”

While Timberlake has canceled all his performances for the next two weeks, it’s not clear when the singer will actually be back on his feet. His next high-profile appearance in the U.S. is scheduled to be at the Billboard Music Awards on Dec. 9, performing a number for which the Chicago Sun-Times reports he has spent thousands of dollars on set design and lighting to create the illusion that he’s walking on water. Even if he’s up and hobbling by then, he’ll surely have to scrap that idea.

Adding insult to injury was the news this week that ”Yours,” his touted duet with Mariah Carey, won’t be included after all on ”Charmbracelet,” her highly anticipated new release that comes out Dec. 10. ”He did an amazing job on the vocals and I was happy with what he did,” Carey told MTV. Nonetheless, she said, the version on the CD will be Justin-free, though she may release the duet as a remix. ”Charmbracelet” guest artists who did make the cut include the edgier Cam’ron, Freeway, and Jay-Z.