Janeane Garofalo signs ABC sitcom deal. In ''Slice O'Life,'' she'll play a producer of a TV newsmagazine show

Slice O'Life

Janeane Garofalo, who’s made a career out of biting the pop-culture hand that feeds her, will get to do so on an ABC sitcom. According to Variety, the acerbic comedian has signed a deal to star in ”Slice O’Life,” in which she’ll play a producer at a TV newsmagazine who’s stuck doing the corny human-interest stories that end the show. Hey, at least being a producer sounds like a step up from her last TV-show-within-a-TV-show job, when she played Paula the talent booker on HBO’s ”The Larry Sanders Show.”

Garofalo will be a producer behind the camera as well, alongside writer Bill Diamond, who previously worked on another sitcom about a newsmagazine, ”Murphy Brown.” Universal Network Television will produce the sitcom for ABC, which, between ”Slice” and this fall’s new ”Less Than Perfect,” has apparently become the go-to network for comedies about underappreciated underlings who work at TV news broadcasts, and who make a point of challenging conventional (stick-thin) standards of beauty.

She already has the TV-insider lingo down, judging by the Variety-speak she spouted in her comments to the trade paper. ”I’m pleased to be in business with Uni Studios and the Mouse House for a laffer with scribe Bill Diamond, and I look forward to a long run with this skein and hope never to have to ankle the Alphabet Web,” she said. ”I’d have more to say, but I’m preparing for my first colonoscopy. Gotta run.” Thanks for sharing, Janeane.

Slice O'Life
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