Paula Poundstone will get her kids back. The comic will regain custody of her three adopted children for the first time since her arrest on child endangerment charges 17 months ago

Some 17 months after Los Angeles authorities took away her kids, comic Paula Poundstone is due to regain custody of her three adopted children, Reuters reports. Santa Monica Superior Court Judge Bernard Kamins, citing Poundstone’s successful 14-month probationary period, ordered Monday that the children be returned to Poundstone. However, it could be up to two weeks before Poundstone gets to take the kids (two girls and a boy, who range from 4 to 11 years old) home, due to jurisdictional wrangling set in motion by her own lawyer.

The attorney, Richard Pfeiffer, told Reuters it was his own court challenge back in August, arguing that Kamins had overstepped his jurisdiction when he decided on child visitation and custody rights in Poundstone’s case, that was responsible for the delay now, since that challenge was still under review by an appeals court. With Los Angeles social workers awaiting the resolution of that matter, Pfeiffer said it could be ”a day or two or it could be a week or two” before Poundstone regains custody. ”I’m sick of this. I’m angry on behalf of my children. I’m angry because it’s unfair,” the comic told TV’s ”Celebrity Justice” on Friday. ”I am not a public menace. I didn’t molest anyone. That is not what I was charged with and they proceed as if that is… so that everybody can sort of let their imagination go wild.”

Poundstone’s adopted children and two foster children were taken away in June 2001, when she was charged with three felony counts of lewd conduct with a child. Those charges were reduced to a felony count of endangering a child and a misdemeanor count of injuring a child in a Sept. 2001 plea deal. Poundstone, who acknowledged driving drunk with her children in the car, pleaded no contest, and was sentenced to six months in rehab and five years of probation. While her foster children were sent to other homes, Poundstone has enjoyed limited supervised visits with her adopted kids. Kamins has also allowed the 42-year-old comic to travel and resume her stand-up career without a court-appointed monitor.