Russell Crowe cancels 30 Odd Foot of Grunts tour. Days after a London brawl, he scraps his band's U.S. tour, citing stress, his dad's operation, and desire to spend more time with his girlfriend

Three days after making headlines with a brawl in a London restaurant, Russell Crowe said he was suffering from a ”massive level of stress” and announced that he and his band, 30 Odd Foot of Grunts, were canceling their upcoming U.S. tour. In a statement posted at the band’s website, Crowe cited stress, his father’s upcoming operation, and a yen to spend more time with girlfriend Danielle Spencer as reasons for scrapping the tour on Saturday.

”My father will begin a series of operations in December to try and relieve the excruciating pain of what has been diagnosed as carpal tunnel syndrome in both of his wrists,” Crowe wrote. ”With the recovery period plus the physical rehabilitation between operations I need to be at home and available to him and my family during this time. Though he may make a full recovery very quickly this is not the time to add pressure to him.”

The Oscar-winning actor, whose history of well-publicized public brawling continued Wednesday with a fight with fellow New Zealand native Eric Watson in a fancy London eatery, said his career achievements have put a strain on himself and his family. ”Though I love all aspects of my work, and it has certainly benefitted my family in myriad ways, the success of the last three or four years has also brought with it an undeniably massive level of stress, not only to me but to my immediate and extended family and to my friends and friendships.”

As for those wondering about Crowe’s romantic life, he affirmed his longtime romance with Australian actress/singer Spencer. ”Let me clarify something else. I am in love with Danielle Spencer but I dont get to spend nearly enough time with her. Dani has been very patient with all of the speculations of the past year or so which I thank her for. I feel a great need to wake up with her as many days of my life as I can.”

Crowe apparently wasn’t the only member of his band with what the website called ”family health situations.” A statement from the rest of the band read, ”For a number of reasons we have decided that it is essential that the members of the band and crew have the opportunity to spend the Australian summer with their family and loved ones.”