The 12th cast of MTV’s Real World may seem like a fresh set of wide-eyed frisky kids determined to sow their wild oats in Las Vegas. But that theory doesn’t add up: We’ve met some of these personalities before. Here’s how it all computes.

L.A.’s sensitive cowpoke Jon was sweet on the married Irene. (Season 2) [divided by] Chicago’s housemate-bashing Tonya noted her discomfort with blacks. (Season 11) [equals] Slur-happy country boy Frank wants to be liked — especially by unattainable Trishelle.

New Orleans’ Mormon-gone-wild Julie had daddy issues. (Season 9) [plus] Chicago’s Cara enjoyed having sex as the cameras zoomed in. (Season 11) [equals] Trishelle, longing for parental approval, drowns her sorrows in boys and booze.

New York’s self-important Jersey jock Eric was the first Real meathead. (Season 1) [multiplied by] Chicago’s preening pretty boy Kyle broke poor little Keri’s heart. (Season 11) [equals] Himbo Steven loves the ladies — and the sound of his own voice.

San Francisco’s Puck was manic, egotistical, and eventually ousted. (Season 3) [multiplied by] Hawaii’s Amaya was a drama queen with a desperate crush on Collin. (Season 8) [equals] Attention-craving fork hurler Brynn lusts after Trishelle’s man, Steven.

Seattle’s insecure dork Stephen slapped Irene for questioning his sexuality. (Season 7) [minus] L.A.’s Angry Black Man David stripped Tammy and got the boot. (Season 2) [equals] Sappy soul searcher Alton needs to play it safe when cavorting with his ex.

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