Fred Dryer Shoots His Mouth Off About Guns, Lunch Meat, and the 'Hunter' Reunion Movie

Hunter: Return to Justice

The current state of Saturday-night TV may be a crime, but luckily there’s one man ready to lay down the law. On Nov. 16, Fred Dryer, 56, whips out his big-ass revolver again as the take-no-guff detective Rick Hunter in Hunter: Return to Justice, the first of two movies that will air this season based on the popular ’80s NBC drama. But before the 6′ 6” actor/former NFL All-Pro saves another day, watch the Hunter become the hunted in this most dangerous Q&A. — Dan Snierson

— First of all, I should ask: How skilled are you with a gun in real life?


— Quite?

I know how to use a gun. I think I’ve pulled a gun out twice in my lifetime on people. And I’m perfectly willing to use it under the circumstances. Hopefully I’d never have to, but the look on their face when they run down the street, it makes you feel as though, ”I’m sure glad I had it.”

— Okay, I’m officially scared. Using metaphors involving lunch meat, what was it like reteaming with your old partner, Stepfanie ”Dee Dee” Kramer?

It was more than a ham sandwich — and it certainly wasn’t baloney.

— As a defensive lineman in the NFL, you once promised to set your hair on fire in the end zone if you ever scored a touchdown. Let’s update that: Will you set your hair on fire if this Hunter movie edges The District in the ratings?

That’s not worth setting your head on fire for.

— The French love Jerry Lewis. David Hasselhoff is huge in Germany. And my research shows that you are worshiped in China. Why’d you go and pick China to be all crazy famous in?

I didn’t. They chose me. Some Chinese guy yelled out the window of his hut, ”Get me Fred Dryer!” and somebody delivered me to them. And I couldn’t be more thrilled. As I always say, 1.3 billion Chinese can’t be wrong.

— According to one article, you enjoy ”classical music, modern art, and NASCAR racing.” Now, I’ve had some quantitative analysts enter this data into a computer model, and they’ve determined that it’s a statistical impossibility and you’re lying.

Isn’t that interesting? And as a concomitant to that, I’m also the biggest American star in China.

Hunter: Return to Justice
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