Nobody's Perfect: Billy Wilder - A Personal Biography


The famous kicker to Billy Wilder’s comedy masterpiece, Some Like It Hot, sets the amused and amusing tone for the great moviemaker’s sparkling almost-autobiography — almost because although Wilder (who died last March) didn’t write his own history, Chandler (who has previously written books about Groucho Marx and Federico Fellini) seamlessly weaves the words of Wilder and his colleagues with her own efficient, authoritative transitional threads. The director (Double Indemnity, The Apartment, Sunset Boulevard…) is as wryly insightful about his own immigrant and Hollywood experience as he is in the priceless movie-by-movie reminiscences he unspools. Of Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch: ”She was perfectly un-punctual. She never came on time once. Instead of studying with Lee Strasberg, she should have studied in Switzerland at Patek Philippe.”

Nobody's Perfect: Billy Wilder - A Personal Biography
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