Power to the people! Readers had no problem giving us the word on our list of Hollywood’s strongest (#678, Oct. 18). ”Congratulations on an outstanding issue!” cheers Scott Hnasko of Tannersville, Pa. ”I was thrilled by the artful combination of entertainment luminaries and comic icons.” Some readers considered our choices weak, though. ”How could you leave out My Big Fat Greek Wedding’s writer-star Nia Vardalos?” wonders Omaha’s Carolyn Schellhardt. ”Conan O’Brien is missing,” says Drita Travis of Cape Canaveral, Fla. ”He may not make $20 million a minute, but he makes millions in laughs!” The same might be said for Thomas J. Wagner of Morrow, Ga.’s nominee: ”It is highly illogical that William Shatner is not on your Power list. He just wrote two books, hosts VH1’s One-Hit Wonders, and has new commercials. The man is everywhere!” Does that make our list the final frontier?

Power Talking

Kudos to your art director for the Power Issue. I loved the comic-book illustrations of the power players. I loved it so much I went out, bought a poster board, cut out all the pictures from the magazine, and made my own supercollage. MIKE YUEN New York City

Great job on the power Issue as always. But why’d you put Dieter on the cover? MIKE RHONE San Jose, Calif.

Eminem at no. 11, beating out George Lucas and George Clooney? You put him in just to get a bunch of letters saying you’re nuts, right? MEGAN BENNETT Indianapolis

Come on. Tom Hanks is more powerful than Spielberg and Oprah? And where on earth is Madonna? She’s the most famous and powerful singer alive. EW must have suffered temporary insanity from all its power. CODY FERGUSON Memphis

Bruce Springsteen is at No. 47 and Dave Matthews is at No. 34? Check the album sales, check the media attention, and just wait for the Grammys — 2002 is the Year of the Boss. A. GROOTHUIS Marina Del Rey, Calif.

”Who even remembers that the Whoopster [Whoopi Goldberg] once hosted a talk show?” I do, and Ted Danson was a guest. Tres strange! ”Class of ’92” was an interesting feature. Thanks! CHARLES C. BURGESS Port Richey, Fla.

The ‘Swept’ Woman

Owen Gleiberman, thanks for what can only be deemed one of the few fair reviews of Swept Away (Movies). In fact, the film was actually quite amusing and ultimately (dare I say it?) touching. Granted, Madonna shouldn’t brush off the Oscar acceptance speech left dusty after her Evita snub. It’s merely a case in point of the backlash against an icon who deftly manipulates the media. BRIAN W. GOTTLOCK New York City

Are you guys by any chance on Madonna’s payroll? That is the only reason I can think of that you would give Swept Away a favorable review. The movie was absolutely the worst, and Madonna’s performance was abysmal. Why this woman continues to torture us and make movies is beyond me. V. COWHEY Beesleys Point, N.J.