What the country is talking about this week...

1 8 MILE The life and times of a pugnacious white rap star from Detroit with a troubled family life. Eminem got the part after Tom Hanks turned it down.

2 NICOLE KIDMAN She says her 10-year marriage to Tom Cruise was no sham. As if she knows more than my hairdresser.

3 THE VICTORIA’S SECRET FASHION SHOW This year, CBS will air the festival of seminude models during the Family Hour. Soon to be called the Starting a Family Hour.

4 HOWARD STERN The King of All Media plans to remake Porky’s and Rock ‘n’ Roll High School. He wants to dumb them down.

5 AL ROKER The weatherman lost 99 pounds after having stomach surgery. Now his belly button looks like Michael Jackson’s nose.

6 THE HOMER The X-treme Bacon & Cheese Whopper has four strips of bacon and three slices of cheese. Buy two and win a chance for a free liposuction.

7 LIZA & DAVID It seems we won’t get to see their most private and candid moments on VH1. Because David hadn’t finished writing them.

8 THE OSBOURNES Mom Sharon says Ozzy’s been hitting the bottle again. Formula or alcohol?

9 DI’S BUTLER The Queen suddenly remembered he didn’t steal a bunch of Princess Di’s personal stuff. ”Whoops! Our bad. Back with his head!”

10 SOLARIS Twentieth Century Fox says George Clooney’s new film got an R rating because it contains two shots of his bare behind. Making his butt No. 23 on EW’s next Power List.

11 SOPRANOS HAPPY HOURS HBO is telling restaurants and bars that it’s illegal to screen its shows in public. So why does the network let bars and restaurants subscribe?

12 KEVIN COSTNER The Waterworld star had his appendix removed. More people saw the operation than Message in a Bottle.

13 PRINCE HARRY One magazine called the 18-year-old the most eligible bachelor in Britain. It’s not like they have a lot of choices — No. 5 was Elton John.

14 STEVEN SPIELBERG He had an eight-hour meeting with Castro in Cuba. Seven hours and 54 minutes of that was Fidel saying hello.

15 DEBBIE DOES DALLAS The ’70s porn flick has been turned into an Off Broadway musical. Not to be confused with Shakespeare’s Debbie Does Dallas.

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