It’s a secret as well-guarded as that whole sleigh-riding St. Nick plot. And one that, thankfully, the tykes aren’t hip to yet. Because as much as the North Pole’s propaganda machine would have the young ones believe that the holidays are all about them, it’s really us grown-ups who rack up the best year-end loot. After all, the chilly months bring the movies we want to see — ’tis the season when Oscar hopefuls are unwrapped and nary the words Pluto or Nash are uttered. And as you’ll see in the pages ahead, our holiday-season grab bag is especially plentiful. We’ve got gifts both large (The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers) and small (Personal Velocity); domestic (mogul Ice Cube and actor John C. Reilly) and imported (director Phillip Noyce); not to mention hunks (George Clooney sits down with partner Steven Soderbergh), heroines (Julianne Moore), and head trips (Spike Jonze’s Adaptation). So settle into those stadium seats alongside the jolly man in the red suit here and dig in. Just don’t spill our little secret to the kiddies.