Eminem keeps Justin from the top of the chart. The ''8 Mile'' soundtrack is No. 1 for a second week, beating Timberlake's much-anticipated ''Justified''
Credit: Eminem: Robert Galbraith/Reuters/Newscom
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At the movies, Eminem may be about to get his butt kicked by a 12-year-old English kid with a broom, but on the Billboard album chart, he’s defending his reign against all comers. His ”8 Mile” soundtrack remains on top for the second week, selling another 508,500 copies, according to SoundScan, pushing its total sales well over the platinum (1 million) mark and defending its perch against challenges by new releases from Justin Timberlake and U2. Interest in ”8 Mile,” last weekend’s top movie, also boosted sales of the rapper’s six-month-old ”The Eminem Show,” which rose one spot to No. 7 and approached the 7 million mark in total sales.

”Justified,” the ‘N Sync singer’s much-hyped solo debut, had to settle for second place, with a sales figure of 440,000 that would be impressive any other week. U2’s debuted in third place and sold 185,000 CDs. Christina Aguilera’s ”Stripped,” which debuted last week at No. 2, slipped to No. 4 on sales of 168,300, about half what it sold last week. Santana’s ”Shaman” slid one slot to No. 5 and shifted another 140,000 units. Other debuts included Jaheim’s ”Still Ghetto” at No. 8 and Dave Matthews Band’s ”Live at Folsom Field” at No. 9. Faith Hill’s ”Cry” held at No. 6, while Nirvana’s self-titled hits collection dropped seven spots to No. 10 in its second week.

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