Ja Rule, Steven Seagal, ...

No, the title Half Past Dead doesn’t refer to Steven Seagal’s career, but judging by his latest DOA shoot-’em-up, it may as well. After artificially extending his cinematic life span by teaming up with rapper DMX in ”Exit Wounds,” Seagal costars with two hip-hoppers, Ja Rule and Kurupt, as inmates at the new Alcatraz, a high-tech prison that comes under siege from a gang of thieves led by Morris Chestnut (”The Brothers”). It’s no use: At this point, the bloated action figure couldn’t restore his street cred if he joined the Wu-Tang Clan. When Seagal’s undercover FBI agent Sascha Petrosevitch waddles into the big house wearing a do-rag and a billowing blue jumpsuit, it’s the funniest jailhouse-flick scene since Gene Wilder’s white-boy strut in ”Stir Crazy.” To paraphrase Richard Pryor: That’s right — he bad.

Half Past Dead
  • Movie
  • 99 minutes