Michael Jackson may testify Tuesday in lawsuit. Concert promoter Marcel Avram is suing him for $21.2 million for backing out of tour

Michael Jackson may have to take the stand in his own defense as early as Tuesday in Santa Maria Superior Court in California. He’s the target of a $21.2 million lawsuit, filed two years ago by concert promoter Marcel Avram, who alleges that Jackson backed out of a deal to perform in two ”Millennium” concerts in 1999 and stuck Avram with the bills.

According to Launch.com, Avram filed suit in 2000 over the shows, which were to have taken place in Sydney, Australia, and Honolulu, Hawaii. They were part of a package of four Avram-promoted Jackson performances that year, including two charity concerts in Seoul, South Korea, and Munich, Germany. Jackson performed in the charity shows, but when it came time to play the for-profit concerts, the King of Pop allegedly told Avram he wouldn’t be performing and didn’t say why. According to the New York Post, Avram claims he was out-of-pocket Jackson’s $1.2 million advance and left vulnerable to lawsuits by other creditors for the production and promotional costs of the canceled shows. Asked by MSNBC to comment on the case, Jackson’s publicist declined to do so, and his lawyer didn’t return calls to the Post.

Avram has another suit pending against Jackson. In January, he sued the singer for allegedly reneging on a deal to let Avram handle the touring arrangements behind the then-recent ”Invincible” album, arguing that Jackson had gone behind his back and hired a different promoter. Of course, that tour also has yet to materialize.